Our first update!

Hello, family and friends!

We have finished our second full day of working alongside Foundation for Peace. On our first day we worked on the construction site, and made lots of friends with the other workers. We are slowly learning more and more Creole! (Claire and Hannah’s French experience is definitely helping). Though, God is providing many ways to break down communication boundaries (especially through all the children!)

…We already making lots of memories. Last night we (almost) fell asleep on the roof for the night then, it RAINED!

Our second day (today) we attended a graduation ceremony for the first class to have ever graduated at the school Foundation for Peace is building. Unlike ceremonies in the U.S. this one was more of a talent show and graduation combined.

We are all very excited to be here, despite some sore muscles and tired bodies.

We would appreciate your prayers during the rest of our stay for continuous health, safety and much needed energy!

Tomorrow we will attend church, and the upcoming week will be on the worksite the majority of the time.

Thank you for all of the support!

Love, Sophia, Siera, Claire and Hannah


4 thoughts on “Our first update!

  1. Fantastique. Reminds me of a song Claire’s mom used to sing at home church – mercy is falling like a sweet spring rain. (or deluge, as may be more accurate)

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