The count down begins…


Hello friends and family!

We (the official Haiti team gals) just finished grabbing coffee with a former SPRINT member who went on the Haiti trip last summer, and it made us all the more excited for our trip – and it also prompted us to write to you all! We now have a better grasp on what our two weeks will entail, and had some of our countless questions answered.

Some takeaways:

  • We will be working in the village of Ganthier
  • Partnering with Foundation for Peace, we will be doing any or all of the following: School, Water Facility, and Medical Clinic construction, as well as ministry outreach and community development
  • We will most likely be staying with some of the staff/interns in a house the pastor opened
  • They sometimes serve hamburgers for breakfast
  • We are now on a mission to a) learn more Creole and b) drink as much water as possible, for practice..

To let you know what we have been up to, we have been meeting weekly as a team to pray, share our life stories, and prepare for our trip spiritually (and as a team unit). We also are all enrolled in a SPRINT class along other students going on trips this summer (to 8 different countries), in which we learn about mission work, cross cultural connections, and much more. We would appreciate prayer as always, that we can grow in the coming months and have open eyes and hearts.


We have all been overwhelmed with support from you all, and cannot thank you enough.

from the bottom our hearts…

MESI (thank you)


xoxo, Claire, Siera, Hannah, and Sophia


Meet the Team: Siera



Hi there!

My name is Siera! I am a freshman here at Seattle Pacific and I intend on majoring in Business Admin. A few things about me, I have a passion for God’s people and for exploring His creation. I love having conversations over coffee, hiking, and going on adventures. Going to Haiti is one adventure I cannot wait to experience! It has been a joy getting to know the other girls as we prepare for our journey. I know that God is going to do amazing things. Thanks for joining in on our adventure!


Siera Flintoff