Meet the Team: Claire


Hello hello!

My name is Claire Pearson, a freshman here at the wonderful Seattle Pacific University. I am from colorful Colorado but have found a temporary home here in the city, and I am loving every bit of it so far. Some pieces of me: I adore all things art; people and their stories fascinate me; coffee is my addiction; I find solace in words by writing them, reading them, or speaking them; my family (all 6 of them, and my hedgehog named Theo) are my core; music is my muse; and I don’t know who or where I would be without my Maker whom I love. Haiti is so much more than a pinpoint on a map for me, as I have been hoping to go for years now. I have so much excitement for this trip and faith in how God will use us for his grander plan. Gah! Cannot wait.

Thank you for your support, it means the world.

Wen kontan rekonet ou! xoxo,



One thought on “Meet the Team: Claire

  1. Claire,
    Mai and I are excited to join your support team! I only wish we lived closer so we could witness your and your sibs’ growth in the Lord over the years. I feel as if I only see it in spurts every 2 years or so. Nevertheless, Godspeed to you and your team. Go with the blessing and Good News of our Savior.
    No reserves. No retreats. No regrets. (Willliam Bordon)
    David Duff

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