Spring Break Here We Come!

Hello all!

The team is currently very busy working away as we prepare for final exams. We are excited to have some rest for spring break and soon after have more bonding time with one another. 


We hope to have more team updates within the next few weeks! 

Thank you for all your support.


Team Haiti!



Meet the Team: Hannah



My name is Hannah Peterson and I am so excited to be preparing to go to Haiti with SPRINT and with my fellow teammates, who are wonderful. I am a junior English/Creative-writing major and an Illustration minor, and I love to write stories as well as paint and draw: hopefully I can publish something someday 🙂 Right now, I want to give my life over to God to do what he needs with it, and one of the first steps is going on a mission trip where I can meet others from another country who are doing the same thing.

I am from Whidbey Island of the deep forests and beautiful beaches, and I miss its quietness sometimes. But I still love Seattle with all its excitement and opportunities! I have been very blessed, and want to share in the joy of the Lord with everyone we meet in Haiti, as well as learn how huge God is. He reaches every culture, every country, and every people…

So excited!! Thank you for prayer and support,

Hannah Peterson

Meet the Team: Claire


Hello hello!

My name is Claire Pearson, a freshman here at the wonderful Seattle Pacific University. I am from colorful Colorado but have found a temporary home here in the city, and I am loving every bit of it so far. Some pieces of me: I adore all things art; people and their stories fascinate me; coffee is my addiction; I find solace in words by writing them, reading them, or speaking them; my family (all 6 of them, and my hedgehog named Theo) are my core; music is my muse; and I don’t know who or where I would be without my Maker whom I love. Haiti is so much more than a pinpoint on a map for me, as I have been hoping to go for years now. I have so much excitement for this trip and faith in how God will use us for his grander plan. Gah! Cannot wait.

Thank you for your support, it means the world.

Wen kontan rekonet ou! xoxo,


Meet the Team: Sophia


Hello, I’m Sophia! I am a junior at SPU currently studying sociology. I am originally from beautiful, sunny California but still love my beautiful (rainy) Seattle. I love all things having to do with, dancing, baking, or speaking in baby voices to any and all animals I come across. (You can find me chasing and snuggling all the neighborhood kitties).
I am incredibly excited for my trip to Haiti and am already loving my team (I’m a little obsessed with them).

I  am greatly looking forward to serving the people of Haiti and working along side the community, seeing how God’s love shines through regardless of circumstances.